Mother Mountain Herbals is named after one of the oldest and most ecologically diverse places in the world’s temperate climate region, the Appalachian Mountains. The land here provides us with nourishment and healing not only on the physical level, but on a deeply spiritual level as well. These mountains and their biota are our friend, our teacher, and our mother. I am exceedingly blessed to live in a little green valley amongst the very plants and trees that enliven me. My business is my best attempt to share this beauty with you and inspire a deeper connection with your wild mom.


Mother Mountain Herbals, located in North Carolina, specializes in handcrafted, small-batch plant goods with a focus on traditional western herbs. Plants used are lovingly home-grown, procured from US-based herb farms and certified organic sources, or sustainably wild-crafted (weedy species only). Stina Swesey, founder of Mother Mountain Herbals, is an artist, forager, gardener, beekeeper, and bonafide plant person. Mother Mountain Herbals was created to not only provide people with products that nourish the body and spirit with pure plant magic, but to also pay homage to our great Mama Earth and inspire communion with one of our greatest gifts, the plant kin-dom.



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